I am a retired industrial chemist. In retirement I trained as a chef, for enjoyment only, and more recently I am a hobbyist cider maker with neighbours and friends. One outcome of the latter activity is that I am the originator of the Juice and Strain™ clear apple juice and cider making process, which is accessible to everyone who has an apple supply. I am now embarked on a mission, which I chose to accept, to bring Juice and Strain™ to the people of the 93 apple growing countries in the world. This blog is one vehicle for achieving this aim. Another is our YouTube videos. The first of these provides a short introduction to the Juice and Strain™ process, see http://youtu.be/Qvc0cCh5r0c.

If you are interested and want to know more about the Juice and Strain™ process, you will find a “how to” article told in pictures, published in the HomeFarmer magazine article. If you want a full written tutorial the Make: magazine article will give you this, see: http://makezine.com/projects/kitchen-table-cider-making/