This site is an archive of all the Juice and Strain™ (J&S®) developments that have occurred globally since I embarked upon bringing my innovation to the world in November 2012 – it has been quite an eventful ride!. Its start was marked by our first, short YouTube video, see:

I am a retired industrial chemist. In retirement I trained as a chef, for enjoyment only, and more recently I am a hobbyist cider maker with neighbours and friends. One outcome of the latter activity is that I am the originator of the J&S® clear apple juice and cider making process, which is accessible to everyone who has an apple supply. I am now embarked on a mission, which I chose to accept, to bring J&S® to the people of the 93 apple growing countries in the world. This blog is one vehicle for achieving this aim.

If you are interested and want to know more about the J&S® process, you will find a “how to” article told in pictures, published in the HomeFarmer magazine article. If you want a full written tutorial the Make: magazine article will give you this, see:

Since July 2017 J&S® kits have been available on the international market from Vigo Presses Ltd. of Devon, England. Two J&S® kit options are now available at:  &