Hosted by J-C Novelli, using a pair of Breville JE4 juicers we demonstrated that 16kg of apples could be processed in 2.5 minutes yielding 9 litres of juice – he found ths “amazing”, as do we.DSCF0388.JPG

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A Breville JE4 juicer went head-to-head with a 36 litre basket press and hand cranked scratter combination. The challenge was to see which kit would be first to generate a gallon of fresh apple juice. The JE4 won.


A post by the projects editor of Make: magazine, before and after the event, accurately describes the contest format and outcomes, see:

farmer’s weekly magazine published a letter about juice and strain


Letter published in South Africa

Demonstrating juice and strain at The Edible Garden Show, Alexandra Palace, London, 29.3.14.

Demonstrating juice and strain at The Edible garden Show, Alexandra Palace, London, 29.3.14